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Les temps ne s'arretent pour personne

...que moi

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Character: Luxord (Organization number 10, the Gambler of Fate)
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Version: Pre-Chain of Memories
Age: Unknown – assumed to be in his early thirties when he became a Nobody
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Despite what most of the fandom says, straight and definitely not looking for a relationship (His utter lack of heart would make that a rather fruitless endeavor)

Appearance: Physically, Luxord could easily blend in with a native of Paixao. He stands at just above six feet with a lithe yet stable build, and shares the same hair and eye color as native Paixaoans – blond and light blue, respectively. His hair and mustache/beard combo are short, cut very close to his head in a utilitarian yet flattering style. His outfit of choice (and indeed, the only outfit he ever wears) is the uniform of Organization XIII: long hooded trench coat, gloves, and boots, all made from the same black leather. The only feature (excepting his outfit) that sets him apart from Paixao’s natives is the row of a half-dozen silver piercings lining his left ear from lobe to arch.

Personality: There is nothing that Luxord loves more than a good game. He will play with anybody at any time, and always comes out on top and completely in control. He will gamble, and he loves high odds, but no matter the game he is ensured a win. (This is because his powers extend to control of the laws of chance and probability, thereby giving him a distinct advantage when dealing with dice and cards.) This is also how he treats the prospect of battle – he thinks of it simply as a game with much higher stakes and the need for a bit more strategy.

On the surface, Luxord seems classy and even helpful at times. This is nothing more than a façade – he will not hesitate to manipulate words and people to his advantage, with absolutely no regard for the people who are affected by his actions. (It is, after all, physically impossible for him to care.)

Luxord shares the same goal as the other members of the Organization: to regain his heart. This is the one and only reason he allies himself with them – lacking any strong ties of loyalty to any of the members or to the organization itself, he remains with them simply for the purpose of accomplishing his goal. Once that is taken care of, he will have no reason whatsoever to remain with them.

Abilities/Weaponry: (Luxord’s particular powers over time were never specified in KHII, so I get to make them all up haha~) Luxord has the power to manipulate time in its various forms. He can speed up or slow down the time around him, and can also manipulate the time around any other person (e.g. speeding up their time and making them age quickly, slowing their time to a complete stop and effectively freezing them in place, or anything in between). He cannot, however, reverse time or perform any sort of time-travel, limiting his actions to the present. His control also extends over the laws of chance and probability, which he can shift and manipulate in his favor, winning him every game he plays. He can also turn another person into a large die or card, albeit for a short time.

As far as his abilities as a Nobody go, he can summon and control a specific class of Nobodies (in his case, Gambler Nobodies). He can also open portals of darkness and use them to travel between different locations.

Luxord’s weapons are large (five to six feet tall) playing cards that obey his every whim when he summons them.

Weaknesses: As a Nobody, Luxord lacks a heart. While he can still remember his emotions and can feign having them, he no longer truly feels them and can no longer truly understand what it means to have them. Because of this, the motivations of many of Paixao’s newer denizens are incomprehensible to him.

Luxord is also lacking in physical strength, and frankly, his weapon sucks. Luxord would prefer to rely on his powers over time and transformation to triumph over an enemy, using his gigantic cards only to distract and confuse his opponent.

History: Very little is known about Luxord’s history before he became a Nobody and joined the Organization. Based on his weapons and his affinity for games, one can assume that he was somewhat of an avid gambler and obviously hails from a place that not only knows his games, but can support such a habit as well. It can also be assumed that Luxord’s heart was a strong one, for the loss of that heart to darkness created a rare and strong humanoid Nobody, one of only thirteen to date. The source of and reason for his power over the element of time are unknown.

Since Arriving in Paixao: Luxord has been quite busy since he first entered the city's gates. His initial meeting with Albedo and Machu Picchu turned out to be short-lived, and his later game of dice with Oogie Boogie was quite disappointing (Luxord was not disappointed to learn the boogieman had later disappeared from the city). He'd barely gotten to have his fun before he was pressed into service, collecting subjects for the Organization's experiments. For a week, he helped keep them locked in an undisclosed location, and even got to try his hand at mental torture, weakening the barriers in the heart in order to ready subjects for physical experimentation later. He rather enjoyed himself, talking to and subsequently breaking Rosette Christopher and Jack Skellington.

His participation in the experiments concluded, he found himself drinking with Larxene and, at the citywide festival a few days later, causing trouble with her in the form of chaos and physical injury. Retribution from the Superior led to Larxene's leaving the city as punishment, and Luxord found himself with a rather strange man named Godot. After a rather confusing (and unplanned) mass meeting at a hapless Cafe Ersestat, Luxord split from the group and worked alone for a while, pausing to amuse himself with a "thief" found at the theater.

It wasn't long, however, before he found himself assigned back to work in the second round of experiments. Scientifically minded as he is, he chose instead to go drinking, first booze at the Cheap Prayer with a rather interesting young lady named Yuuko, then tea at (once again) the local Ersestat with a girl named Rose. The impromptu teatime with Rose didn't turn out quite as planned, however, as the Doctor (the only person who'd ever proven to be immune to Luxord's powers over time) showed up with questions and a good deal of fury.

Needless to say, Luxord left that situation (quickly, discreetly, and without giving away any information whatsoever), finally heading to his assignment - breaking the only person who'd managed to get into the upper part of St. Destino's. His session with Jintetsu didn't last long, and he left once again, deciding to pay a rather damaging visit to Rosette before heading to a party to meet with a certain redheaded Nobody.

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This is a RP journal for paixaorpg played by yamikonumber7. Luxord and Kingdom Hearts are owned by Tetsuya Nomura and SquareEnix. Any resemblance to other people or events, whether fictional or real, is purely coincidental and unplanned by both player and RPG.